Homestead Design Collective
Homestead Design Collective is a Bay Area edible landscaping company. We design, create, and organically maintain beautiful gardens that provide harvest.

Garden Services

The Homestead Design Collective offers services like garden design and installation, organic garden maintenance and harvest, garden coaching, bee hive installation, beekeeping, and floristry. 



Homestead is a full service Design-Build firm. The designs we create are conceptual, not construction-based and are developed to convey our garden design vision. A consultation at your property is the first step to learn how we can help you transform your garden into a beautiful and productive space. We will walk your property brainstorming ideas with you and offering suggestions. A CAD drawing of your space is made by our lead designer and our own installation crew will execute the design.

Organic edible Garden Maintenance

We offer edible & ornamental plant care on a regular and seasonal basis. Services include organic pest control, fertilizing, succession planting, fruit tree pruning, and harvesting of all fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. Our experienced gardeners are available to answer questions and provide hands-on personal instruction. After each visit, our gardeners will email you a personal note including photos of your harvest and recipes, so that you can better understand your garden and what is has to offer.


Homestead's co-owner, Alethea Harampolis, and our team are available for in home floral arranging for clients based on the gardens' harvest. Offered on a weekly, bi-monthly or special event basis.

garden coaching

If you would like help growing your favorite vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers in your garden, Homestead Design Collective’s Garden Coaching program will put you on the right track to succeed. Our Garden Experts come to your home for a hands-on, one-on-one walkthrough of your garden. We have answers to all questions, and solutions to any issues. You’ll learn how to best use your space, create a planting calendar, and maximize your harvest. We recommend the best local resources for a healthy and productive garden - from compost and irrigation supplies to our favorite nurseries and seed banks.


Hives are a great addition to any garden — not only do they provide delicious honey harvests, but bees also act as pollinators for all the vegetables and flowers in your garden. As part of our design and installation services, we create safe and family-friendly spaces for beehives and honey production. We will install, and then maintain hives on a monthly basis.